I have been developing this website from scratch since 1997. Excepting a couple of my lengthier stories, everything here has been handcoded... usually after much hardwork. Over the years, it has hopefully evolved to increase your viewing pleasure. Most recently, much trial-and-error produced the javascript slide show, which has undergone numerous revisions.
Feel free to use any code; although, an acknowledgement would be appreciated. :)

As boasted elsewhere, unless otherwise noted, I am the photographer of a picture. I can be hired!
The more recent pictures, appearing as larger 900-pixel-width images, were mostly obtained from a Nikon Super Coolscan negative scanner. The photos were primarily shot with a Canon Elan7E; although many different cameras have been used. Many of the pictures after September 2003 were taken with a digital Canon 300D.
(Links to most pictures prior to 1999 do not work, due to server space constraints.)

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