Bay to Breakers, San Francisco
May 17, 1998

When is a race not a race? When it's Bay to Breakers, San Fran's unique party on the run. Yes, there are actually several thousand "serious" racers-- this year's winner from Kenya took the $10K grand prize w/ a winning time of 33:58. However, the majority of the 70,000+ revelers take the 7.5 mile course, stretching from San Fran Bay to the Pacific Ocean, at a more leisurely pace. Our group, came in a mere 2 hours behind winner's time and about 2 hours ahead of the last celebrant's final stagger. After all, kegs on wheels can only move so fast; albeit somewhat faster than trojan horse drinkeries. Of course there are those wishing to shed some of this extra baggage and everything else. From nudes to nuns and the inebriated to the inane, Bay to Breakers offers something for everyone.

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