Bay to Breakers '99
What is Bay to Breakers? Well, you really have to indulge yourself to feebly attempt understand the inanity. It's something akin to Mardi Gras in motion. Although a few naive participants mistakenly run the 7.5 mile "race course" from the starting line in downtown San Francisco, far more race to inebriation. For those that have not participated, this is quite a feat. After all, a minimum level of sobriety is necessary to crawl across the "finish" line, a grueling 3 bathroom stops later, or 7.5 miles for those more linearly oriented.

This year, it was our mission to provide critical care to all sober individuals and alleviate their suffering immediately. Yes, sobriety was successfully conquered by our team--the Emergency Drink Triage. Professionally administering cutting-edge mixed drinks to the less-than-inebriated and, well, perhaps the not-exactly-less-than-inebriated, we dispatched debauchery diligently. Of course critical care was also self-administered. This year's plethora of miscropped and blurred pictures is testimony to the author's success in this endeavor.

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Bay to Breakers '98.

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