Travel Prologue
(May 9, 2004)

May 9, 2004. Los Angeles, California.


I'm including you on this travelogue distribution list because (choose one or more that may/not apply):
1) "I tremendously enjoyed your past travelogues... at least they beat working.";
2) "I'm obligated to read them because I'm your friend/relative/psychiatrist";
3) "How did you get my e-mail address and who are you?"

Still, I'm a firm believer in democracy; if you want to be removed from this list, simply send me an e-mail. I will disavow knowledge of any inexplicable subsequent increase in unsolicited e-mails from adult entertainment companies and fringe extremist groups seeking donations and new members. ;)

Before discussing forthcoming adventures, let's take care of administravia: new (temporary) mailing address.
PO Box 642089 Los Angeles, CA 90064

But wait, there's more... more banalities... If for some inexcusable reason you didn't happen to know (and you out to be ashamed), I just finished my MBA at USC! But wait, there's more! Southern California is now officially home, as I have started work at Bank of America (part-time the past few months, full-time starting in August). I just want to say how excited I am by this great career opportunity, particularly as two of the people to whom I report at the bank are on this list! However, I'm unfortunately going to have to patiently endure the next few months until I can resume work again. Until then, I'll have to settle for travelling to China (May 11 - June 10) and Africa (July 4 - August 8). If you've read this far, I'm assuming that you're on board for vicarious adventures and may want to seek professional medical help.

Stay tuned for our next episode, "Adeventures in China with Amy." BTW, as the China trip is with Amy, these travelogues will probably tend to be more infrequent, Reader's Digest length. After all, she is considerably more entertaining than sitting typing e-mails at a keyboard!

Happy Trails,


P.S. This will be my first major international trip with my new digital camera. If technology cooperates, you'll get appetizers of the forthcoming web pages.

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